It’s countdown until Halloween so I wanted to get in the spooky spirit early and try out some new themed recipes! This one is perfect for this time of year. I love getting creative and making new recipes. Ingredients: 1 Packet (60g) Of Angel Delight… View Post

Who said Halloween treats couldn’t be healthy?? This is a super quick and fun recipe to make! “Spooky Apple Smiles“ Ingredients: Red Apple(s) White Mini Marshmallows Milk Chocolate How to make: Take your freshly washed apple and cut it into segments. Put some milk chocolate… View Post

Halloween is just around the corner so I thought, why not create some fun, healthy halloween treats! This recipe is pretty straight forward and great to make. Ingredients: Strawberries Orange & green food colouring White chocolate Milk chocolate Directions: Start off by washing a handful… View Post

Salad’s don’t have to be boring and tasteless. Find which ingredients and veggies work best for you and throw them all together! This simple salad is one of my favs and it’s the perfect meal to have to finish off your day! 🙂 Ingredients: 1… View Post

Water doesn’t have to be bland & boring. I know many people don’t tend to drink much water because firstly, it doesn’t taste of anything and sometimes we just forget or don’t have time to replenish ourselves every hour of every day to stay hydrated.… View Post

Super speedy pasta! A classic Italian dish made simple… ♡ If you love Spaghetti Carbonara as much as I do then you need to read about my homemade, HEALTHIER version! This meal will provide you with the beneficial carbs and energy you need throughout the day… View Post

Kick start your morning with a warm bowl of porridge! Porridge oats provide a healthy and natural source of fibre and naturally contain beta glucan which helps lower cholesterol. This soluble fibre acts like a sponge in the intestines and absorbs and eliminates cholesterol-rich bile… View Post

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