I’ve just found a load of pictures from when I last went to the zoo so I thought why not upload them on the blog! I love walking round and seeing all the different animals. It’s so cool seeing animals up close that you wouldn’t… View Post

Here are a collection of pictures I took when I was back in Anglesey. I love it there. It’s somewhere that I visit regularly as it’s just so pretty and picturesque and the perfect place for a nice weekend or week away. I’ve travelled all… View Post

The other week, I took a lil trip to Pendle and did this really great walk through some woods, over hills and across fields with some of the most picturesque views! I’d pick the countryside over the city any day! The story behind Pendle Hill… View Post

I’ve just recently got back from another amaazing holiday and already suffering from those holiday blues! Sun, sea and sand for days. I travelled to Corfu for two weeks. The weather was soo hot. It was 30 0dd degrees everyday! I love the Greek islands.… View Post

The other weekend, I travelled down south to Derbyshire to go camping! It’s a family tradition with the cousins where we go at least once every summer to some part of the country (usually the Lakes or Wales). It took a couple of hours to… View Post

Four days ago, I celebrated turning 18!! Whaaaat! That means I am officially an adult. I don’t know whether to cry or cry haha! It’s one of those things where you know you’re gonna become an adult one day but never expect it to come… View Post

Last Weekend, I travelled down to London for the first time on my own! Exciting stuff but I had no idea what I was doing lol, typical. I’m more of a ‘wing it later’ kinda person. I went to visit my cousin who is currently… View Post