Kylie Cosmetics Smile Review

Hey guys! I’ve just recently received one of the latest shades in the Kylie Cosmetics line which I am super excited about! I’ve really wanted a certain pink shade for a while now so when I heard about this new shade and saw the swatches I just knew I needed it lol! I can tell you it’s now my new favourite shade! I’ve been really loving all the nudes and pinks lately! I already have KoKo K which I like but it turned out to be more of a darker pink than I thought so when I tried Smile I fell in love with it because it’s the perfect pink I’ve been waiting for. Deffo my go to matte lipstick.



Firstly, I love the overall look and design of the bottle and packaging. I think it’s gorgeous! Not only that, but I’ve noticed the actual smell of the product is amazing! It smells really sweet.


As for the application, it glides on really smooth. It doesn’t feel too heavy and cakey. I love the lip liner too as it’s really creamy and light, making it easy to line your lips.


Smile is more of a light pink with a warm tone to it.10

Long Lasting?

The product does last for hours, however, if I was to be really critical, I do find that it does start to come off and appear a bit patchy, especially after a meal but you’re gonna get that with most lipsticks and mattes no matter what so it’s not that much of a problem!

Overall, I really do love this shade and the design. I’m looking forward to seeing new shade releases soon! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have this shade and what you think of it! 🙂

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