Water doesn’t have to be bland & boring. I know many people don’t tend to drink much water because firstly, it doesn’t taste of anything and sometimes we just forget or don’t have time to replenish ourselves every hour of every day to stay hydrated.… View Post

I’ve decided to write a post on 10 ways to help reduce body fat! It can be tough when you think you’re doing all the right things to get rid of body fat but can’t see any changes. I’m going to break down different ways… View Post

I’ve just recently got back from another amaazing holiday and already suffering from those holiday blues! Sun, sea and sand for days. I travelled to Corfu for two weeks. The weather was soo hot. It was 30 0dd degrees everyday! I love the Greek islands.… View Post

Here are my beauty faves for the month of August and the ideal essentials you need for your holiday.♡ St.Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse 200ml (£32.99): The St.Tropez self tan mousse is by far one of my favourite fake tans! I’m someone who can’t… View Post

The other weekend, I travelled down south to Derbyshire to go camping! It’s a family tradition with the cousins where we go at least once every summer to some part of the country (usually the Lakes or Wales). It took a couple of hours to… View Post

Here are this months beauty favourites.. ♡ Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (£7.99): This is my go to everyday foundation. I use the 220 shade because it blends really well with my skin and is the perfect shade to match fake tan or naturally tanned skin!… View Post

Super speedy pasta! A classic Italian dish made simple… ♡ If you love Spaghetti Carbonara as much as I do then you need to read about my homemade, HEALTHIER version! This meal will provide you with the beneficial carbs and energy you need throughout the day… View Post

Kick start your morning with a warm bowl of porridge! Porridge oats provide a healthy and natural source of fibre and naturally contain beta glucan which helps lower cholesterol. This soluble fibre acts like a sponge in the intestines and absorbs and eliminates cholesterol-rich bile… View Post

Four days ago, I celebrated turning 18!! Whaaaat! That means I am officially an adult. I don’t know whether to cry or cry haha! It’s one of those things where you know you’re gonna become an adult one day but never expect it to come… View Post

Here are my beauty faves for the month of June! I’ve been loving soo many different products this month but I managed to narrow it down to a few. These are all great, handy and affordable make-up must haves!! Maybelline, Babylips Lip Balm ‘Cherry Me’… View Post